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Our Dog Training Philosophy…

With so many different dog training methods and places to choose from, including conflicting online sources and opinions, it’s easy for pet owners to be confused or frustrated with all options out there.

Kinsey has experience with a wide spectrum of training methods and tools, and can tell you for certain that there is more than one way to train a dog. She offers the expertise to assess what particular approach will best fit you and your dog’s needs. At the root of her training approach is the understanding and consideration for what a dog is as a predatory species and as an individual being. Respecting the dog for their point of view, why they think the way they do, from a survival standpoint and from understanding behavioral science, brain function, hormones, physical structure, body language etc. 

So, whether this is your first time hiring a dog trainer or the tenth time, Kinsey can provide honest and clear guidance to help you reach your training goals. You will have a new and deeper understanding of your dog and will gain confidence in your communication and leadership skills with them! 


The human end of the leash… 

Working with us can be a bit like working with a professional fitness or life coach…we are here to educate and guide you, to give you specific goals and skills to practice, to challenge you when you need it and to cheer you on as you make progress! It’s then your job to implement the coaching throughout the program into your daily routines in order to achieve and maintain the results you get for the rest of your life with your dog. 

Schedule a free Discovery Call to learn more…

Our approach requires our clients to be willing and committed to participate in the learning process just as much as their dog. We believe it is important not to just teach the “how to”, but to also teach the “why” behind the behaviors we are addressing and the approaches we are choosing to work with, so that you have a deep understanding of the process and can eventually “self-correct” your handling and guide your dog’s behavior in the future. Our goal is to empower you and your dog to understand each other on a much deeper level so you can enjoy your best life together!  

Kinsey Rising

Owner & Certified Relationship Based Behavioral Dog Trainer & Instructor 

Kinsey knew by the time she was 12 years old that she wanted to be a dog trainer when she grew up. As a teenager she got her first dog, a Golden Retriever, who she trained and earned competition titles in the sport of A.K.C. Agility. That experience is what sparked her career as a professional dog trainer!

After graduating the Master Trainer course at National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, OH. in 2011, she earned her first certification as a professional trainer (CPT). Over the years as she grew her business, she continued attending many courses, shadow programs and workshops, to learn from other experienced trainers in the industry to continue her education and hone her skills. Most notable are her certifications through the Canine-Human Relationship Institute, starting in 2016, she finished earning her Relationship Based Trainer and Instructor credentials (RBBM-RBT, RBBM-RBTI) in 2021.

In addition to her extensive education in canine behavior and training, she has expanded her love for learning into the human psychology and communication realm. She graduated the 1 year certification program through New Ventures West – Professional Coaching Course (NVW-PCC) in 2020, becoming an Integral Life Coach.  

Kinsey believes that what makes a great trainer is a thirst for continued learning, and having a passion for communicating with compassion, clarity and care with both the canines and humans who are seeking help in the form of dog training.



IACP: Member since 2011 – National K9: Master Trainer Certified, 2011 – Mango Dogs: 2 Week Shadow Program, 2015 – Pack to Basics: Dogmanship, Large Group Socialization with Chad Mackin, 2017 – Dream Come True K9: Real World Obedience Workshop, 2018 & 2019 – CHRInstitute: Level 1: Relationship Based Behavior Modification, 2016 | Level 2: 9 Day Trainer Instruction, 2017 | Level 3: Human Psychology and Canine Medial, 2018 | Level 4: 7 Day Trainers Course, 2019 | Lost Dog Recovery Seminar, 2019 | The Art Of Leash Handling, 2020 | Level 5: RBBM Instructor Training, 2021 | 4 Day Nosework for Rehabilitation workshop, 2021 | Level 6: Instructor Certification Course, 2021 


Where to Start:

You can begin with a Free Discovery Phone Call to connect and talk about your pack, what you want help with and where you are located. We will then decide together what the best next step is for training.
You can schedule an IN PERSON EVALUATION / LESSON to meet with Kinsey in person and get started on training right away! Meet either at a public park in Princeton TX. or book a Customized session IN YOUR HOME!

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