For Canine Professionals

mentorship for Canine Professionals! 

(dog trainers, dog walkers, pet sitters, groomers and veterinarians)

Learn more about canine behavior modification, teaching the human clients,
and business operations.

Helping you be most successful at doing what you love!

  • Canine Behavior: Guiding you while you work with challenging dogs and deepening your knowledge and understanding of canine behavior and training skills.
  • Human clients: Setting healthy boundaries and expectations for a great working relationship!
  • Business: Taking a look at how the business operates to make sure it’s working for you!

The Client Evaluation Process

This 2 hour virtual group class takes a deep dive on the purpose and structure of this initial client meeting.
Learn to optimize this initial client meeting to build trust and respect right away and wow your potential clients with your knowledge, skills and professionalism!

Topics covered:

  • Your First impressions (online and in person)
  • Setting Clear Expectations
  • Session structure / what is the purpose and intended outcome of this session
  • Dog’s experience
  • Client Experience: from booking the session to how they feel during and after session
  • Safety protocols
  • Dog assessment
  • Human assessment
  • Your offerings
  • Professional ways to refuse service to a client who isn’t a good fit
  • “Sales” – how you present your services and what feels right for you
  • Detailed plan for evaluating the dog, human dynamic and making a plan for offering programs

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Your Business & You

You love what you do! This is why you became an entrepreneur, and MOST entrepreneurs aren’t “business people”. We tend to struggle to know how to do the “back end” of things which is the driving force of what allows us to do what we love successfully!

Kinsey has been in business since 2012. She has gone through a lot of trial and error with different business models, hiring and firing staff, changing location, networking and working with business coaches and mentors too. Take advantage of her years of experience so you can skip some of the struggle and focus more on making a living while doing what you love!

Whether you are brand new to being a pet professional, or if you have been in business for several years, this 3 Session program is designed to dig into the nitty gritty back end of your business functions to revamp and enhance it, while providing accountability for achieving the goals you set!

Topics covered:

  • Building or restructuring training programs & services to optimize for client experience and business functionality. 
  • Evaluating functionality of your business (scheduling, payment options, etc.)
  • Clarity on your services / Client experience
  • Online Presence assessment
  • Setting financial goals
  • Setting continued education goals
  • Work / Personal Life balance
  • Preventing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Imposter syndrome
  • It’s ok not to know everything
  • Fear of charging your worth
  • Q&A and more!

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Canine Case Study Mentorship

Do you have a dog or client that has you stumped or struggling?
Maybe you feel like this one is just outside of your skillset or comfort zone and you want some support and guidance as you work with them? That’s what this program is here for!

You’ve probably hear that quote “a good coach is always being coached too”.

“A good coach is always being coached too.”

Mentorship is how we continue to grow and enhance ourselves and our skillset by learning from others who are a little farther down the path. With years of experience with trial and error, and learning from her own coaches and mentors, Kinsey has a vast knowledge base for you to learn from!

Topics covered:

  • Analyze and understand the specific needs of the dog you are working with
  • Create training plan to achieve best results
  • Client dynamics and communication – reaching and teaching the client for best success
  • Specific training protocols to implement
  • Problem solving
  • Q&A and more!

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Where to Start:

We begin with a Discovery Call. This 30 minute call will allows us to connect and talk about your business goals and what you hope to receive from the coaching experience.We will then create a game plan for your coaching program. 

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