For Pet Owners

One-on-One Coaching

Be involved in the learning and training process right along with your dog!
Receive personalized coaching, Virtual or In-Person, from your certified dog trainer.
– Behavior Modification (Reactivity/aggression/fear etc.)
– Obedience Skills
– Off Leash / E-collar training

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Boarding School

The classic Board & Train program provides an immersive experience where your dog gets to live with a certified professional trainer, and their personal pack, as they build obedience skills and learn a new way of being.
– Behavior Modification
– Obedience Skills
– Off Leash / E-collar training

Boarding School Requirements…

Group classes

Our group classes focus on these key things:
– Fulfilling the Canine
– Proper Socialization
– Pack Walks
– Obedience commands
Classes are 45 minutes long at a local park in Princeton TX. Contact us for more details.

Group Class Requirements…

Virtual learning

Live too far away for our in person services? Not a problem! Kinsey successfully teaches people virtually all over the USA.
Honestly, it’s usually the human who needs the training anyways 😉

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ONe-on-One Coaching

Be involved in the learning and training process right along with your dog!
What makes us different is that we don’t use treats or excessive force teach your dog how to listen. We teach through relationship building and clear communication.

In your sessions you will receive coaching from your certified dog trainer to address behavioral issues and train new skills. Your trainer will provide practices for you to implement throughout the week, and provides a support group for you to ask questions in between sessions to ensure you are confident in your practices.

Meet weekly, either in your home or a designated location (park, pet store, home depot, etc.) to work on your dog’s training goals in real world scenarios.

Obedience Programs

FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS PACKAGE – 5 Weeks – 60 minute sessions
Commands: Come | Place | Sit | Down | Leash Skills | Stay | Drop It |  etc.
Fulfillment: activities for relationship building and long term fulfillment.

OFF LEASH FREEDOM PACKAGE – 8 Weeks – 60 minute sessions
*Includes everything from the Basics Package, PLUS Off Leash transition with E-collar training for safety.

Behavior Modification Programs
We customize the training package to each case depending on their needs.
Things we help with…
– Insecurity | will avoid or balk at new situations and encounters
– Reactivity | barks/lunges/growls at other dogs or people
– Aggression | has attempted or successfully bitten a dog or person **Kinsey is not currently taking on extreme cases of human aggression (multiple bites with damage)
*Schedule an Evaluation to get started.

Program price and duration varies based on your goals, your dog’s needs and location.

Boarding school Program

The classic Board & Train program provides an immersive experience where your dog gets to live with a certified professional trainer, and their personal pack, as they learn a new way of being. Let your trainer put in the time and effort to influence your dog’s behavior and boost their skillset during this time.  

A board and train program is not a “quick fix” but rather a “behavioral boost”. You will still need to learn how to maintain the results and continue working with your dog to progress them further once they return home. This is why we encourage a weekly visit during their stay so you can still be a part of the learning process alongside your dog.

Since we are offering this service in our personal home space, we only take up to 2 dogs at a time to ensure that they receive our full focus and attention during their program.
You will receive regular updates during their stay via video and photos.  

Program Options

Foundational Skills

Heel / leash walking
Stay & wait
Back up
Drop it
Threshold manners
Social skills with my personal pack

Off Leash Freedom

All the commands listed in Foundational Skills

Off leash training with E-collar for safety

Fulfilment activities

Behavior Modification

For dogs who struggle with the following behaviors:

Timidness / Fearfulness:
Navigating normal life situations like neighborhood walks, going into public spaces, having guests over etc.

Reactivity: lunging and barking at other dogs or people

Hyperactivity: can’t sit still, settle down or listen!

Fulfilment activities including Environmental Agility

*The Behavior Modification program may include some obedience training commands.

Boarding School Requirements:

Crate Trained: Your dog must be comfortable sleeping in a crate overnight. If your dog is not yet crate trained, we can teach you how to crate train to prepare your dog for their board and train program.  

Health: Your dog must be up to date on vaccine (rabies and distemper) and have a clean fecal test within 2 weeks of arriving for their program – this is to prevent the spread of parvo and parasites.

*we do not accept extreme cases of separation anxiety/ confinement phobia where your dog may injure themselves if left alone.  

Group classes

Join our group classes, where your certified trainer will lead a 45 minute session focused on education and activities to fulfill your dog and enhance your training and relationship. This allows you to work with your dog in a setting that offers some distractions to work around. Come learn with your dog and make some new friends in class!

3 Week Classes focused on these topics
– Nosework
– Leash manners
– Obedience commands
– Doggy Parkour!
– Socialization

WHAT TO BRING: water and bowl, poop bags, well fitting collar and leash.
LOCATION: 500 W. College St. Princeton TX. (J.M. Caldwell Sr. Community Park) **Meet near dog park. I do not recommend going inside the dog park unless it is empty.
CLASS TIMES: class times vary depending on the season. Click “sign up here” to see the next available class.

All dogs must be up to date on vaccines.
All dogs must remain on leash for the duration of class.
*If your dog is aggressive or extremely reactive, they will need to first have a private Evaluation/Mini Lesson prior to being enrolled in group class.

Virtual training Program

We have a couple options to select from…

One on one coaching sessions, customized to your needs! Start with a virtual evaluation so that Kinsey can learn about your goals/needs and then we begin training in session right away. From there we can discover what training package will fit your needs best!

Introduction to Canine Behavior Seminar: This 2.5 hour class is packed full of fundamental learning to better understand your canine and their predatory perspective. This class provides deep concepts and video examples to learn from. This is a great place to start with your learning!
Email us to request this course:


Virtual Dog Training Programs

Have you ever heard the saying: “It’s more about training the human than the dog”? Well, nothing could be truer than that! Virtual dog training focuses on the human end of the leash, diving deep into understanding canine psychology and how that applies to YOUR dog, while creating custom solutions for your dog’s behavior struggles.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from Kinsey’s
years of experience and education from the comfort of your own home! 

  • Kinsey provides virtual dog training services for all 50 states and Canada.
  • Virtual sessions are provided on the Zoom Meeting format or FaceTime.
  • You will be required to have consistent WiFi connection and a quiet, uninterrupted environment for your sessions.
  • To best assist you, Kinsey may also request videos of your dog’s behavior so she can assess the dynamics and provide accurate guidance.  

Where to Start:

You can begin with a Free Discovery Phone Call to connect and talk about your pack, what you want help with and where you are located. We will then decide together what the best next step is for training.
You can schedule an IN PERSON EVALUATION / LESSON to meet with Kinsey in person and get started on training right away! Meet either at a public park in Princeton TX. or book a Customized session IN YOUR HOME!

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