Canine Nutrition

by: Rodney Habib & Karen Shaw Becker

Canine nutrition – if you don’t feel good it’s hard to behave good.

owners: Brian & Lisa Berg

One of the leaders in the canine nutrition industry

Canine Behavior & body language

by: Roger Abrantes

Canine behavior and body language signals.


by: Sophie Collins

A simple guide to body language.

instructor: Nelson Hodges

Learn in depth about fearful feral dogs and how to connect with them to help them.

Human Centric books

Clear communication is important human to human as well as human to canine!

by: Gavi DeBecker

Intuition – predator mindset – communication – self defense

by: Brene Brown

Personal growth – relationship to self and others

by: Marshall Rosenberg

Communication with self and others

Where to Start:

We begin with a Discovery Call. This 30 minute call will allows us to connect and talk about your pack, what you want help with in training, where you are located / what services we can provide you and scheduling your first session to get started. 

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